Email SSO provider for this forum

This forum’s account settings page says:

Email can be updated from SSO provider. Never shown to the public.

I tried to figure out what that means. I tried to sign into Single Sign-On (SSO) - Identity Access Management | Okta but was unsuccessful. But then in the Preferences page I saw a comment saying that some profile details are now managed through the SitePoint profile page and I was able to change my email address there. So it seems that the forum’s account settings page should be revised with current information.

That is correct, but somewhat unclear.

SitePoint now operates a “Single Sign On” for both the main site and the forums, which used to have separate log-in systems. Main sign-on settings are therefore managed through the SitePoint Premium account page.

@cpradio: is it possible to change the wording on the profile page to make this clear?


Updated to

Email can be updated at your Sitepoint profile page. Never shown to the public.


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