Email server sending to hotmail as junk

Does anyone know why when i send a email message to a hotmail account it arrives in the inbox as junk mail? How can i resolve this so its not marked as junk?

Add SPF record…

Also, try to click “Not Spam” inside your mailbox and after that wait for a couple days before you try again…

Also, good option is to check your mailserver with

this error came up how would i fix this?

Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

Perhaps you’re thinking of a SPF record:

No, theres no spam what so ever in my messages, i had this problem before but cannot remember how i fixed it. I changed something in my dns im sure but cannot remember what i did

I’m sure that’s what all the spammer’s are asking themselves! :lol:

Hotmail and other services are primed to spot words and content that commonly appear in spam emails, so it helps to make you don’t use such words—like “offer”, “win” and many others (I’m just making up words there).

At the end of the day, the best way is to ask the recipient to add your email address to their white list, but that isn’t always possible, of course.

MAke sure that your Ip is not black listed. If it is not listed then it’s all about SPF

I suspect that the SPF is the answer, however, the large e-mail hosting services will look to SpamHaus which HAS indiscriminately added a host’s entire IP range to their blacklist. This resulted in innocents getting blacklisted along with a few spammers, too. Been there, done that … and it ain’t pretty! I had to relocate to a VPS to get out of that mess!




In the sent email, are you trying to hide or mask where the email originated from?