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I need to find a host for just email. My web sites will be hosted elsewhere. Some Windows hosts can’t provide email hosting, at least not for shared accounts. I need more than 5 email addresses and not all the same domain. I don’t need much else however; I download all my messages using a desktop POP3 client.

Most plans for email-only are relatively expensive; GoDaddy for example is $5 a month for each user and I assume that a user is one email address.

25 Mail St appears to be $5 for 2 mailboxes plus $.50 per additional mailbox, unlimited domains.

Easyspace appears to be $2 per domain but unlimited accounts per domain. There must be something I am missing there. appears to be $2 per month for up to 19 mailboxes and unlimited domains. That can’t be right; there really must be something I am missing.

I can’t find reviews for just the email hosting. I don’t know if there is something about any of those that is not obvious but would be a serious concern. For example, when I first began searching I initially did not realize that some services are only for sending messages.

Does anyone have any relevant experience with any of those?

Will the email accounts all be managed by you, or by various people. If all by you, I can recommend Gmail/Google Apps. You can manage email address from various domains all in one inbox.

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Do you mean G Suite? The pricing is $5 per email account.

Not necessarily. You can have as many email addresses as you like on your one account. You only need other accounts if you want other people to have their own separate log in. But if you just have a bunch of email addresses at various domains (such as and etc.) which you manage yourself, then you only need one account. That’s why I asked if the email addresses are all managed by you or by various people.

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@ralphm, I should investigate. The pricing page says “A user is defined as one personalized email address”. I called them and I am still confused.

Perhaps the confusion is mostly due to the fact that I use POP3 to download my messages. Perhaps each G Suite user provides services that I don’t need.

I will try the G Suite trial to see if it does what I need.

I’ve been using it for years for $5 per month, and I have some 20 email addresses at different domains set up with it. They all come into the same inbox, but I like it that way. I would only have to pay for a second “user” if I wanted an email address for someone else. It’s a pity that’s not clear in their description, but it’s also pretty typical. :frowning:

What about POP3? Are all messages received by the email client using the same account? If so then that is a serious limitation. If they are all combined in the web page inbox then that is not as much of a problem for me.

I have set up one email address for a domain I have not yet been using. All is well so far. I can receive using POP3 and the messages are “deleted” from the server as far as the email client does not see them anymore but the messages are retained for access in the web page inbox. I can send using SMTP. My email client refused to set up the account as a POP3 account (it insisted on making it an IMAP account) using its automatic account creation option, I had to use its “manual” option.

There is one feature that we need to be aware of. See How To Use Google’s SMTP Server | DigitalOcean; it says that “Google automatically rewrites the From line of any email you send via its SMTP server” but it provides a “Workaround”.

Also, it helps to know (as in that article) that the maximum number of messages that can be sent per day is 99. That is not likely to be any problem for me.

Why are you keen to use POP? I find IMAP much more practical. But I don’t use a desktop email client any more. I prefer just using the online Gmail interface, or the Gmail app on phone etc.

That’s how it works for me. (I’m not sure if there’s an alternative.) But of course you can respond to an email from any email address. I don’t think the end user has any clue about what email program you’re using, although I haven’t checked the headers in a long time.

Not necessarily. You can have as many email addresses as you like on your one account. You only need other accounts if you want other people to have their own separate log in.

Wow. I didn’t know that. That pricing structure doesn’t seem nearly as insane anymore. I thought it was $5/mo/email address.

I created a second email address for a totally different domain and email for both were received by the same email account by my client.

In the manner of other companies such as Microsoft and IBM, there are so many terms that Google uses that are different from terms used by others that it might be possible to keep the accounts separate but I doubt it. There is (seems to be) no other way for Google to define what a “user” is.

G Suite could be good if you have multiple web sites but all the email is for the relevant web site and the volume is relatively low. I have a couple of domains that I use for personal email and I get too much to have it all lumped together. So I will investigate the alternatives.

Yeah, they are very unclear about it, but in my translation, you need to sign up a new user any time you want a separate inbox / login for one or more email addresses.

You can set up different tabs/tags for different purposes in Gmail. I don’t use that feature, but it could perhaps be used to create virtual inboxes, I suppose. (I haven’t checked if they can be based on the email address, but worth checking.)

I don’t see a way to update my original post but 1And1 won’t work. It is only for domains registered with them. They don’t say that anywhere but when you pay for it then you are unable to create an email address for a domain registered elsewhere. I called and confirmed that. At least I got the account canceled relatively quickly and even if it only costs me $2 it is not a big deal.

zimbra hosting in india

1And1 can work. I am using it. A disadvantage of 1And1 is that the salespeople can be aggressive. After I canceled the first account someone called from 1And1 and insisted it can work. He sold me a hosting plan. It is $1 a month for 12 months then $8 a month after 12 months. The trick is that to use a domain registered elsewhere we must use pages that look as if we are transferring the domain(s) but apparently they just have re-used those pages to implement use of external domains but (if we push the external domains button) it does not actually transfer the domain. So it is possible that the email-only plan would work too. I currently have 4 external domains (registered elsewhere and 3 with web sites hosted elsewhere) with a total of 6 email accounts and each email account is a separate mailbox.

As best as I can tell, Zimbra does not offer hosting, just software. Apparently there are many hosting companies that offer Zimbra. might work; 350 Rupees (5 USD) a month. might work; 125 Rupees (2 USD) a month for 15 mailboxes. There are others.

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