Email form on a WordPress page

I have an email form on this WP page. I decided not to display my intended email address of to minimize potential spam, once I make the site go “live”. I feel if I allowed it within too many of the site’s inner pages (there will be 71 pages, 4,063 post pages and 5,194 tagged images that open on separate slug pages - this will be a graphics heavy site, so about 9,300 pages total), the spambots would have a field day with the site.
My question is since the form is just one page on a big site, is still listing the actual hyperlink email address advisable? I.e. how would you do it…leave as is?

Unless you have a good email filter in place or want to deal with lots of SPAM, I would advise against having the email address anywhere, unless as a business you’re legally obligated to have it available. As long as the form is safe against being abused (eg. used to send SPAM from your site - search for “email header injection”), I would go with that. You’ll still get some SPAM but it should for the most part be manageable.

Thanks Mittineague…i don’t think I’ll include the email address then.

To solve this problem you can instal a plugin named Contact Form 7 from wp plugin directory

Thanks for this information nuxcorner…although my current form is configured using a plugin called JetPack which as you may be aware, provides multiple applications and works quite well. I do appreciate the suggestion though!