Email form not working

How do you get a simple email form to work with Firefox?
(I’m testing with version 3.0.15)

It works great in MS Internet Explorer 8 but not with Firefox.
The problem is you cannot click in the fields to type anything in.

The form is located at:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

type is a required attribute for style tag, while media is optional, and is supported by most of the browsers. I’ve seen it working on IE6 :slight_smile:

More details -

Now as for script tags, putting them in head has one disadvantage -
scripts get loaded sequentially (unlike images and css, which can be done parallel)
So browser would block rendering the page till a script is getting loaded.

While putting javascript of say google analytics after the body makes sense, as it wont choke the page rendering and would get executed in the end.

It seems it’s been a tradition to put them in head tag. While you’re right, they can be put anywhere in the document.

More discussions here.

There could be a situation where script tag might necessarily land up inside body. It happened in a case where I had this kind of scenario -

module1 —> module2 —> module3

module1 generated the header,
module2 contained the business logic and passed data to the main body’s template
module3 did the footer.

Now we wished the interface to fetch some data through ajax and render it into an ExtJS grid.
And the necessary information for the extjs grid generation was only available in module2’s python controller and not accessible from anywhere else.

In that case there was no option but to have the script tag inserted into the <body>
In those cases sometimes you wish to control the time of execution of the javascript, typically you wish it to execute when page has finished rendering, so that html elements are ready for manipulation.
In such cases, jQuery’s $(document).load( function(){}); and ExtJS’s Ext.on(‘load’… come to help, to make your code work at right time.

Anyways, thanks for bringing it up, was a refresher.

Possible places to standardize -

<form action=“” method=post>
^ putting quotes around “post” would make it more compatible.

^ you could add more information to style tag -
<style type=“text/css” media=“screen”>

text/css - browser would know of the style type, hence making its work easier.
(use media=“print” for styling print views, etc)

Its a good/common practice to keep scripts and stylesheets in header part.

@Km Richards - No problem! :slight_smile: Honestly, I never saw much use for those scripts. If someone wanted to steal your copy, they could just view the source and get it from there.

Just put
type=“text/css” media=“screen”
into any style tags you use.

The media attribute comes really useful when you wish to give a plain look for printouts (e.g. tickets).

I think it is due to this script you have installed:

<script language="JavaScript1.2" src=""></script>


And, this is compatible with all the new browser versions out now?

I’ve got instructions that came with some scripts that say it can go in the header or the body.

Is there ever a situation where scripts need to be put in the body section?

Great, thanks! That did the trick.

Didn’t know that…it’s been added

Do I have to insert
<style type=“text/css” media=“screen”>
into the Header Body of the webpage?

I don’t know, but you should consider not to use tables for the site layout, and use style sheets instead of inline styles.