Email Deliverability

I’ve built a medium sized social network, It’s location aware, so it automatically connects people with other people in their area, like a community noticeboard. It sends customised emails out once a week, and allows members to communicate via email, so all the emails are different.

I’m having serious problems with deliverability. I have an unsubscribe link at the bottom and don’t use spammy keywords. It’s all opt in, but many of my emails appear to be filtered even before they reach the junk filter.

I’m sending from my own server, a brightbox running rails. Does this sound like a good idea or has anyone fond a better way (integration with a provider for example)

Thanks in advance…

Could be lots of reasons that you are having trouble. And I’m not sure what you can do about them, but I’d look into using something like postmark to fob the problem off on someone else.

Postmark looks like pretty much exactly what I need. Thanks for the pointer wwb_99 :slight_smile:

Just an update on this. I migrated to postmark, they were very helpful and my email deliverability problems, while not cures, are receding. :slight_smile: