Email contact form

pls, how do i make my email contact form to filter/reject non-existing/non registered email addresses?
For example, i noticed my website visitors just input jargons like into the email field always.
I want a query that will signify “invalid email” and it will not be delivered to my inbox anymore.

This is a PHP question, where you’d have to write code to first check that the domain existed, then query the server to check that the name used existed at that mail server. i read somewhere that not all mail servers respond to the second query however, so it might reject real addresses.

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Thanks for your response. Pls, how do i do that?
Where do i get the php code?
Can you help me out because i am a beginner?

Don’t worry, I’ll speed dial a MOD and they’ll possibly move you… But like was said it is more of a PHP issue as HTML is static and JavaScript can be bypassed. You’ll need to use ‘regular expressions’ to filter the email character strings.

It’s not technically possible.
But I’m guessing your problem is with bots rather than “website visitors”.

I found an article once on dev shed that did this I believe, however I can’t locate it.

Is technically possible. Dont bother verifying the mail address - it costs nothing to send an email. Simply send a validation link to the email address entered and require that link to be followed before the email address/message is stored. delete any that are not validated within 48 hours - I did this on a customers site and it worked fine.

A properly configured mail server will refuse to report whether or not a given email account exists. If it did then the spammers wouldn’t be sending 99.99% of their spam to non-existent addresses. They’d send 10000 times as much to real addresses instead.