Email all friend- HELP

I want to send new post notification of website to all my friend- Want script. Help

Hi momintosif. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Have you tried your regular email client? Also Twitter, Facebook, RSS etc. are handy alternatives.

Why do you need a script for this? Is there a special reason that you need to do it programmatically?

If not, wouldn’t it be easier just to send the email manually, just like any other?

If I have misunderstood the question, perhaps you could clarify.


i have 2000 friend how i can mail them manually. so i need a script which will make less burden…i get buzy all the time…

You can just add them all to one email with BCC. Although, 2000 is a bit much for one email. Maybe break it up into several emails over several hours so as not to get introuble with your ISP. Or use something like MailChimp. Yo can do a free mailout with that.


I see your point, but I would have thought the effort of finding a script and understanding how it works would be more than that of sending them manually.

Even in the Outlook Express, you can multi-select all the recipients and add them to the message in just a couple of clicks. (As Ralph rightly says, your ISP might choke on them, but then that would happen regardless of how you generate them.)