Emacs and PHP

hi there

I;m not a linux guy, but i plan to switch to is as soon is possible. I’ve heard/read that emacs is a great editor(and more) but I’m reading about emacs and php and the feedback isn’t so good. Also, I just come from the #emacs irc channel, and when i’ve asked what do they think about emacs(& mode for php) and answer was: PHP is a good example about how bad the language is written. :confused:

I’ll not stop learning PHP, but i wish to use a a multilanguage/multiplatform tool and i was thinking emacs will fit the best.

what do u think guys? how many of you are happy with php mode for emacs ? do you think it will be better to use(and learn) eclipse rather than emacs?

netbeans is also a strong candidate

Use a non OS depended IDE that fits you.
Any Eclipse based would be a good choice.