Elavon Compatible Shopping Carts

Does anyone know which carts are compatible with Elavon (formerly Nova), the merchant account used by Costco?


I did a little looking around and I didn’t see anything that works right out of the box, but there probably is something. Probably the quickest way to get the answer is to call or email them directly.

Thanks! I emailed them through their website. I’ll post here when I get a response.

Nobody is because nobody needs to be. You need to find out what shopping cart is compatible with your payment gateway since that’s actually what will be connecting to your shopping cart (it connects your cart to Elavon). If you are using Authorize.Net you should be all set as all shopping carts support it.

I’m confused. I thought Elavon was a competitor to Authorize.net. But you’re saying that I would use a cart that works with Authorize.net, which would work with Elavon? Thanks for the clarification!

Elavon is not a competitor with Authorize.Net. They are two different things and actually work together. Elavon is a merchant account provider. Authorize.Net is a payment gateway. Authorize.Net connects shopping carts to companies like Elavon.

Thanks for the clarification. So would I go through an Authorize.Net reseller, like B of A, to get the payment gateway set up and then contact Elavon for the merchant account? Or would B of A try to sell me both? Sorry for being dense. I thought that the last time I set up an e-commerce store that I just got the merchant account and Authorize.Net through Wells Fargo rather than going through two different sources.

Hi mixmastermidori,

Did you ever find an answer? What shopping cart did you finally go with?

Thanks! :cool: