Effective email body for sharing a page

Hi there,

I’m adding a button to my website which allows users to email/share the current page they are on.

I am wondering if anyone could suggest an effective generic body message to use in the email.

I’m going to try to avoid the message becoming spam so any tips would be great.

This is what I currently have:


I found this website which I thought you might like:

[link to page]

There are many other awesome articles on [main website name] [main website link]"

It’s generic, but i’m wondering if it will get caught up in spam. They user can of course modify the email as the link just opens an email with the predefined message above in it.

Read it to yourself, and ask yourself if it sounds like spam.

When your answer is yes, ask yourself if it sounds like a phishing scam.

When your answer is yes, it’s time for a new email.

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I’m also going to caution you against doing this at all.

If you allow users to modify the email, your website can and will be used by spammers to send spam email. You have no control over it, and you’ve given them a button they can push to send a link via email using your server.


Thanks, I didn’t think of that! I may just leave that then and stick with the Facebook and Twitter links for now.

Firefox has an “email a link” button which makes it easy to do just that. I’m sure other browsers must have a similar facility.