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Hello guys,
I wana make a udemy(.)com like educational website for my fyp can anyone tell me how can I build this type of site by using it is build in wordpress but I want to make this by using dot net any suggestions…

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Hi tm9211ya welcome to the forum

“how to build a (complex) website” is a short question with endless nested questions and endless answers.

So a lot depends on how much experience you have and what tools you have.

Do you have the Visual Studio IDE?

Can you churn out a simple website from scratch in short order?

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yes I have Visual studio ide 2015

can u tell me what CMS we can use for this purpose??

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It is a bit of a learning curve, but the 1 of the most powerful and robust CMS’s available for C# is You can take a look at that


A popular CMS for .Net is DNN (formerly DotNetNuke). See .NET CMS - Content Management Software | DNN. A relatively new CMS is Orchard; I think Microsoft is participating in it.

as you say you don’t want to just utilize a CMS
So, to write an app you need:

  1. Download Visual Studio - you can get very powerful Visual Studio 2017 Community edition - basicaly it is a pro tool which if for free (to individuals, maybe small companies)

  2. Create a new Web App - I’d suggest using their newest ASP.NET Core / .Net Core platform
    File >> New Project >> Templates >> Visual C# >> .NET Core >> ASP.NET Core Web Appliation (.NET Core)
    This will create a basic “empty” app for you which you an extend

  3. Develop the app :slight_smile:

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