Editing the Website Navigational Column

I am new to website design/development. I have an existing php website.

1.How can I add a navigational text link within the left-hand column on all my website pages?
2.How do I extend the navigational text link column so that my text links do not extend beyond the column?
3.Which ftp folder/file do I need to locate to make these edits?

Thank you

Mark, I’m very tempted to give a silly reply—something like “just do what the experts do…”

That answer wouldn’t help you, of course, but really you need to give a lot more information to get any useful sort of answer.

What you are really saying to us at the moment is: “I feel really sick; please tell me what medicine I need to take to solve my ailment.”

We’d need to see your site and have some idea of how it’s set up. Is it running on some sort of CMS? If so, it might be quite easy to accomplish 1. If not, unless there is some system of PHP includes set up already on your pages, you would have to add in all those links manually.

Questions 2 and 3 can’t be answered until we have some idea of how your site is built. The navigation issue is no doubt a CSS issue, but without seeing the navigation we can’t offer advice.