Editing swf


I have a “flash-newbie” question…
I have an swf that I want to add to it a caption with my website

How can I do it?

I even thought of converting it to wmv and editing it with movie maker (even leaving it in this format)

I tried 3 free “swf to wmv” but I couldn’t install/ use them on my computer so I thought I’ll get an advice or recommendation first

I have Adobe CS4


You dont have the fla?
You could try import the swf into a new project and then edit what you need.

No I don’t have the fla

Which software is used in working with flash?
(again, sorry for the ignorance)

Oh, and thanks for taking the time to answer

You may decompile your SWF by any decompiler like sothink. it will convert your swf into FLA which you may edit easily. or try the solution given by Paul.
In your Adobe Flash create a new file (project) and then import (file=>import or ctrl+r) your swf file. it will import all the graphics on the main timeline. this solution will not work with the swf having complex layer structure and actionscripts. but give it a try first otherwise use Decompiler

Thanks, I’ve opened Adobe Flash for the first time and with your help I figured how to import and open my file
I have now a lot of frames and I wrote my website url the way I want it on one of the frames.

Now, how do I determine for how long that would appear on the screen? I am sure it is more complex than copy-paste to each frame… :slight_smile:

Thanks a million

Select the frame where you have put that url and press f5 it will add a frame next to it. by default flash sets 12 frames per second. so to stay that frame for like 3 seconds you will have to add 36 frames by pressing f5. Now press ctrl+Enter to preview the output

If u just want to put the caption then you can just create another file with caption and import the swf to it.

Thanks guys!

I went and saw some video tutorial and managed to do that
I had to create layers and get the caption in and out so it won’t mess the main show…

It is done now
I appreciate your help, without it I couldn’t have started!

I wrote a bit too early…

When I tested the results I found out the caption is fine but there are other problems:
It didn’t play any sound and shrank the original width…

Is it because of the importing?
What can I do?

OK, it was the importing
I downloaded the trial of sothink like ryanqm has suggested
(since I’m not a pro, I didn’t want that expense now)

It allows to decompress the swf to an fla with all the layers and sound (whereas before I had one movie with no sound). the problem is that is leaves off the action scripts…

I have 3 buttons: play, pause and replay

I’ve changed to ActionScript 3.0 (from 1.0), named the buttons and created the code snipetts for each.

However, I get this message when trying to test: “WARNING: Actions on button or MovieClip instances are not supported in ActionScript 3.0. All scripts on object instances will be ignored.”

needless to say it is indeed ignored… :frowning:

The point is that on ActionScript 1.0 it didn’t let me choose a snippet at all…

Another point, I have to replace the term “video_instance_name” with something. The “video” is all the layers interacting with each other, not some imported clip. Will it be the name of the file? if so, should I omit the “.swf” or “.fla”?


Please do tell us the “proper way”.

Well, it says that in the free version it won’t have action scripts
I need to create them from scratch but run into the problems mentioned

If you know what I should do, can you share?


there are also some online tools available to convert your swf to fla for free. but i have not yet tried any online tool. try google

I tried before coming to this forum.
I’ve installed several on my computer but it didn’t work for me so I came here…

If anyone knows of a program that can do it, or is willing to do it on his computer and send me the fla with the action scripts (that the free Sothink is not providing) that will be great