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Hello again,

I’m cracking on with my website & i am keen to make it live. I am a complete novice & enjoying my journey, my question is this:
My pages exist in HTML & CSS format on my local machine only, but is it easy enough to edit web pages once uploaded to a host server?.

Are there considerations i need to make when choosing a host?, just host looks ok?

Is it possible to edit using firefox developer browser or similar, or does it only work with local files?

Thanks in advance

Yes - but it’s not a good idea. Edit the local copies and then upload the updated versions when you’re sure they’re correct and working as expected, rather than working on a live site.

There is usually a facility in the control panel for the site (accessed via your browser) to allow you to edit files on the server, but as stated, you really don’t want to do that.

This SitePoint guide to choosing a hosting company is a few years old now, but the information it contains should still be relevant.

Thanks @TechnoBear, I’ll take a look.

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