Edit Text form Images

i can anyone guide me how can i edit text form a image.

Example i have a image and there is some text written on it and now i want to change that text and write something else how to do it in Photoshop ???

I apologies if i am posting it in wrong forum or something… But need help urgently…

Unless you have the original Photoshop file, you are out of luck. If you got it as an image like a jpg, it’s all just pixels. If you have the latest Ps version (from CS5x), you could try using the content aware fill and blot out the text, and then put some new text in. It depends on the image, though.

Do you have the source layered file? (e.g. PSD?) Or is it a jpeg /png / gif or any other flattened format? your question is not really clear?
If you have the PSD etc… it is easy to use the text tool: http://www.bittbox.com/photoshop/photoshop-101-edit-text-faster
Otherwise you will need to erase the text or draw a white shape over it etc… and rewrite what you want! Can we see this graphic?

Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:

no its not any PSD file, it is a normal Jpeg image i am attaching it

now i n this iamge i am trying to remove the royal valley rajasthan and i have to insert my own text
but not getting the poitn how to do it :frowning: :frowning:

Use the clone stamp tool to rub out the current text, then find a font that is similar to the original font if you want to copy that. Then create a curved path and type your text along that.

If you have photoshop - which you should get if you don’t - Simply colour out the letters using your paint tool. Then choose the elipse tool and follow this tutorial from adobe.

Hello all,

Thank you for your advise man. You guys rock :slight_smile:
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