Edit swf file

I’m redesigning the site. The old intro is swf file. I have to leave the old intro but change the link in it. Is there any way I can edit this file and change url?

Do I need any special program to do this?
I just want (have to) to edit one link and don’t want edit any swf file anymore.

load it into a movieclip or stage, overall a transparent button over link.

if its just an animation, its fairly easy to just use a decompiled and extract the frames, copy and paste into a new .fla

…or what the guy above said :stuck_out_tongue:

Either decompile it or load it into a new blank swf with an overlaid transparent button linking to your new URL

Hello Friend,

Yes, you need a .swf decompiler software. There are many decompilers available. Google for the best.

I recommend the Sothink swf Decompiler which you can download the trial version here http://www2.sothink.com/download/swfdec.zip.

Harry Kooner.

Just beware: If you decompile or make changes to the SWF file and you didn’t produce it or own the rights to it (and are thereby changing it without permission), you could land yourself in some legal trouble as it would be producing a derivative work (copyright infringement) and potentially put you in criminal hacking territory. :slight_smile:

Yes my friend, only you are the responsible for any act like this without the permission of the original owner of that swf.