Edit .SWF File without the .FLA?

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Somebody created a SWF banner for me a couple of years ago. I would like to edit the URL it goes to, but wasn’t given the FLA file. Is there any free way I could do it please?

I realise there is software available, such as Wildform Linx, to edit SWF files without the original FLA, but it costs $50. It is not worth it if I only want to edit the onclick URL for one banner.

Thank you…[/size][/font]

depending on how complex the banner is, the easiest thing may be to import the .swf into a new .fla file (which will remove all actionscript) and rewrite the code that links it.

this isnt a lot of help, but there is software that when you import a swf into flash mx, you can keep the action script. i am not sure if this is totally legal. I came accross the link on http://www.flashkit.com, sorry if thats not alot of help.

and to make it easier get the original tool. ASV ASV works like a charm. I love it and have used it on occasion. sothink’s is good to but asv seems to be alot more popular imho. you get constant upgrades and updates to it and runs very smoothly and will even descramble scrambled as code.

You can use this tool:

FlashDigger Plus v. 3.46

Direct Download Link:

Software Description:

Explores Flash (SWF) files, extracts and updates text, graphics, sound and actions. Graphics can be exported in JPEG, PNG and BMP format. Sounds are saved in MP3 or WAV.

You can explore SWF file listings, change scene sizes and frame rates, remove tags or frames, add, remove or modify actions, change object placement, change a hyperlink associated with a button object, apply a hyperlink to a movie or to any rectagular area of its scene (create a transparent button), create and update graphics, remove objects from a scene, update a button or a frame sound, apply a soundtrack to a movie or to any clip, and remove a soundtrack from a movie with an immediate preview of the results.

Most advanced features of the latest version are:

  • Shapes Import/Export
  • Buttons Import/Export
  • ActionScript Import/Export

Thus you can export an object from one SWF file and then import it into another SWF file and place imported object to the movie scene. Buttons are imported together with all their attributes (related shapes and button actions).

Exporting objects you can create a library of reusable objects without their manual recreation for each movie.

You can also compress or decompress, protect or unprotect SWF files, import SWF files from projectors (EXE), and convert SWF files to EXE with a set of extended options.

Also included are: an MP3 encoder, a sound uncompressor, and a sound MP3 recorder.

FlashDigger Homepage: