Edit Posts?

on the bottom right of each post it says ‘You may edit your posts’, but I see no option to do that. Am i blind?

You can only edit your own posts within the first 20 or so minutes. After that you no longer have the possibility to do so.

So if I want to remove a link from a post that is now dead, I shouldn’t bother since the thread will get old and that’s that?

If it’s because it’s showing up in google or some other valid reason, you can also PM an advisor or Team Leader and ask them to remove it for you.

Or better yet, use the report post link () to the left of the post. That allows a more open request, but allows us to track whether it’s been handled or not.

the best advice is never to publish a permanent link if there’s any chance you might want to change your mind about it being public

this comes up often in site reviews, somebody posts a link to a web site they are working on, and then later they get antsy about the client seeing them asking for help

the solution is to post it somewhere else and let it die