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Hi Guys,

I have a captcha plugin on this site: http://www.valentinespainting.com.au/contact-us/
and the instructions for the user (front end web visitor) are in grey and get lost on the blue background.
After inspecting element I see that the CSS rendering the grey text is sourced from a remote URL.
Is there any way some conditional php could call some CSS from the site’s css file to replace the remote CSS?

Any help appreciated.

You should be able to override the css with your own css.

#ContenedorTexto { color: #fff; }

That should make it white. If not you could add the other id to give it more specificity weight:

#ContenedorTexto #algo { color: #fff; }

Not sure this requires any php, just a bit of css.

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Sam thanks, but I tried every specificity combination I could think of and nothing works, that’s why I thought php might be able to somehow circumvent the computed style.

Not really sure what’s going on.
Not something I normally advocate, but did you try !important?
When I think of it, the only time I use it is when overriding css coming from the outside.
It’s maybe because the external source comes in after your own that the normal overrides don’t work. Though I thought a double id would carry enough weight.

The captcha is in an iframe. No styles on the base site will persist to inside the iframe. Where did you get the captcha from? Typically captcha author will provide options to change the styling with those things.


Thanks Guys,
The captcha is PlusCaptcha a wordpress plugin, and no options that I can see apply to changing the colour of this particular text or the annoying hosting promo link.

Totally failed to spot that. :blush:

If there is no way to change it (bad planning on their part) then you would have to place it in a container with a better contrast background.

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Thanks for your time and effort with this. I discovered that this plugin was crashing the site so I had to ditch it.
After testing about 20 captcha plugins which either didn’t work or had hidden conditions for use I discovered this little beauty

Contact Form 7 Image Captcha

Thanks for your help anyway guys.:grinning:

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