Ecommerce type and it's suitable CMS selection

Hello everybody,

Well i was just going through the website which I have to develop. Here are the link

I was just wondering what kind of ecommerce type this websites follow ? is it Consumer2Consumer or Consumer2Business or some thing else ???

Also If i develop websited in php and joomla… Can we develop such website using Joomla and if not joomla then is there any specific CMS or ecommerce cart that can be helpful ???

Just want to know these things. I just hope experienced people will give couple of minutes to help me and tell me things that i should know before progressing with cms selection and development.

Thank You…

It’s often impossible to tell what CMS is being used. The question really is—what features do you need? If you focus on that, people can suggest what CMS might suit your need. Generally, though, a good CMS can handle most of what a typical site requires.

Thanks a lot for the reply ralph.m
Actually i am more interested in knowing how to achieve the kind of features the reference sites have. In these websites, I guess the consumer wants a service, which are quoted by vendors… Then the consumer accepts a quotes and deal is finalized. Vendor’s are not charged but probably consumer will be charged for their service requirement.
At times it happens that such functionality are already present in some CMS or has been already developed as a script. So if anyone who is aware of such script or knows that this kind of website can be created using any particular CMS then it would be really helpful. Writing whole script for such functionality will take a hell lot time but customization will probably be easy…