eCommerce system for restaurant

Hi, a potential client wants a shopping cart, presumably to take orders and reservations for her restaurant, and possibly also to sell a couple products. I am trying to give her an estimate, but have not built an eCommerce site before, so am at a loss as to how long this would take to set up, and what eCommerce software to use. Thanks in advance for any help to point me in the right direction…!

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This is a tricky question, for a restaurant you, have to write your own code as most of the ecommerce sites are for selling products and not easy to customize. But you can check for oscommerce, magento, wordpress to provide ecommorce plugin. Take a quotation from local market.

OK, thanks for your input!

I think we can use open sources like Magento which is made for e commerce sites only.

Interesting. An open source e-Commerce plug-in, you say? I better take a look at that later. Anyway, to answer your question, you should check these open source plug-ins that they’ve mentioned and judge the price of your services by the difficulty once you’re able to get the hang of whatever plug-in you’re going to use.

Most of open source shopping carts can be tuned to be product or service selling business line.

Check abantecart, opencart, cs-cart (commercial but very good)

I have seen a new solution which is called Eat Online which seems to be even faster and eaiser than others, have you seen it?
Eat online offers much easier to use platform than Just Eat and others, at least as I perceive it, and they business seems to be much different. They build platforms for restaurant owners, so that they can offer online ordering on their own websites.