eCommerce solution for selling PDF documents

I will soon be starting a project involving the creation of a potentially large-scale website for selling important financial documents for a target industry. There will be a lot of different users using the website and as such we’ll not only need to cater for the likes of IE6 we’ll need to ensure that the site is viewable on mobile devices, accessible using screen readers, etc.

The key feature that is required from this project is for the buying process to be as simple and as refined as security will allow it to be. Naturally, this would mean some form of eCommerce solution, although we would like to retain most, if not full power over the templating system.

I’ve read up on Shopify, including some posts on these forums, but it seems quite pricey and I’m not sure how it deals with downloads as opposed to running an actual online store for things. It would be ideal if there was a solution out there that was either entirely hosted (although from our domain) with a powerful templating system, that is free and allows for the best possible buying experience for the user.

Can anyone recommend me a good system to try out for this project?

I haven’t used Magento in some time, but I seem to remember that it supported selling digital items. The template system confused me but once I got my head around it, realized it was quite powerful. The community edition is free and you can host it yourself.

which cms best to make ecommerce site for all the application to used in ecommerce site.

ehmm i think not brother because pdf document its not good to sell it via ecommerce but your idea,i like your idea

Try CS-Cart or Opencart.