eCommerce solution for clothing store

I need to setup online store for my client, they sell children clothes online.

Problem is, they have very specific requirements:

  • Support for multiple languages. For each page, category and product store should have ability to set name/description in multiple languages.
  • Support for multiple payment methods and ability to add custom modules. It is a local store in Estonia, I’ll need to add support for custom payment methods used by local banks.
  • Ability to setup store layout similar to this:

Does anyone know good ecommerce solution that can do all that? Preferably a php script that I can setup on client’s server, not hosted elsewhere.

Actually I have already eCommerce site online named and its working properly with all your requirements. I think you have to hire the best development company for modify.

Most leading ecommerce platform offer all these options. If you are ready to spend a little, I would recommend shopify or bigcommerce. If not then go with WP plugins or opencart.

I find somewhere with the similar question but unable to track back the URL now to share it with you.

They also wanted to have the different language with different currency and they have done it with magento ecommerce solution. You may check the same at magento board. I hope you will find something their.

Drupal upgraded versions are the best solutions for e commerce websites as you can add the features which you have added above like support multiple language, secure payment gateway or multiple payment methods or many more than this.

Magento eCommerce can do this job as well. If the budget is tight - there is a SaaS version called MagentoGo with monthly subscription, similar with BigCommerce model.
If you want more flexibility, you can take Magento Community and spend some $$ to customize it according your needs.

Thanks everyone.

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