Ecommerce Sites Same Content on Multiple Domains of a Brand


This is pertaining to Ecommerce Sites that have multiple sites for various countries.

Like ASOS has one site each for US, Australia, Germany etc on different domain/sub-domains.

All these sites have the same content but only the prices are different for the respective product.

Isn’t it a Duplicate Content Issue?


Google is generally smart enough to figure out that if you have, for example: and
or and
that those are regional variations of the same page, to be given as appropriate to surfers depending on where they are. As long as you are consistent throughout the site, and ideally have some measure in place to direct visitors to the appropriate section of the site, eg based on their IP address, you shouldn’t have any problem with Google considering the two pages as duplicate content.

I took for example

Both the above urls are same products on Different Domains with Different Pricing but Same Content.

And did a search for the above product in and

I searched for “Original Penguin Button Down Gingham Check Shirt” in both and got the below as Rank 1

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Original Penguin Button Down Gingham Check Shirt - Asos - United Kingdom[/COLOR]

I mean, I am unable to understand this whole Duplicate Content, Multiple Sites on Multiple Domains thing.