Ecommerce Photo Margin Adjustment, Aspect Ratio and Cropping

Hello to everyone. I am doing photography for ecommerce and I try to stay consistent with photos, aspects and resolution. I am not that good at this and wanted to discuss what title is about.

I know what is cropping and aspect ratio but don’t know what is margin adjustment. Is it spacing between product edge to canvas edge?

I am trying to change aspect ratio because object on photo is tall, yet photo is like 16:9 if you know what I mean i.e. the left and right spacing are way bigger compared to top and bottom spacing. From normal view object appears small because of that and I am looking for a way to make it normal aspect ratio so it will take 80% of image. Can it be that the rest 20% is actually margin adjustment I asked first about?


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You could use imagemagick to automatically make all your images the same dimensions:
-trim will remove all the canvas that is the same colour down until it meets a different colour - your product
-extent will add a canvas to an image to make it a standard size
-thumbnail will resize the image and remove all exif data except the colour profile - reducing the filesize

You could either write a small batch script or carryout the modifications during upload.

Thanks but I it requires compilation to work and command line commands to operate. I am far from programmer.

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