Ecommerce hosting recommendation

I have a client that’s looking for a good shopping system for their site. I’m looking for a specialty hosting site, not some xcart/osc/magento installed on a server, along with third-party modules installed. Reason is, the support costs on those is huge later on, and the client doesn’t want to deal with that. The client just wants the host to provide all updates and support it all.

Here are the basic features:

  • Shipping support for FEDEX (1st priority), USPS (2nd priority), and UPS (3rd priority)
  • Automatically generate shipping paperwork (labels)
  • Should support different rates for different shipping options
  • Wholesale pricing or discounts for different customers (multiple pricing or discounts).
  • Drop shipping.
  • Email newsletters

Can you guys recommend a good hosting provider that can offer this?

Please do not give suggestions of general hosting providers that can host one of the many open-source software. Thanks.


Btw, hosting providers trying to peddle non-relevent services, please do not reply. Thanks.

There is no exact web host that can provide that to you. What you wanted to do is the job of a web developer, he/she can modify your shopping cart system to suit your needs. From there, your developer will install it to any web host.

Of course there are! Look at Volusion, 3dcart, pinnacle cart. They are all hosted all-in-one solutions. :rolleyes:

Just wanted input from people familiar with such online ecommerce products. Thanks.

Not looking for a general-purpose hosting company. Looking for a hosted solution that will take care of all future support issues.