Ecommerce For Selling Startup Domains

hey i am looking for something very simple that can sell my startup domain names. i have been looking at shopify, magento, opencart and all these other sites… and i am lost i really dont need anything complicated i need something to upload the logo,description, price, buy button, inquire button, offer button, categories my logo and change the look at little doesnt have to be fancy. i have about 500 startup domains. of what i seen shopify does look pretty easy just not sure about how to add extra button next to the button or have a thing on it that says offers instead of a price. would wordpress be easire for that?

How is opencart as an ecommerce software?Do we require CMS alongwith it to webserver for its functioning or alone it can work.???

CAn oscommerce be installed without any CMS ?

In this case, probably the easiest option is to create your own simple site and put buttons where you want them. The, once the buttons are clicked, the user gets takes to another site (styled like your own, so they don’t realize) and then pay. Carts that offer this include FoxyCart, Fastspring, Plone, ejunkie … There are hundreds of them. You could also just use PayPal, but then you can’t style the payment pages like your own site.

well its not so much the payment… its that some domains for sale i really cant come up with a price… so i would like to have an offer button or inquire that opens up there email client so they can email me there offer or sends it via msg through commerce site. looking for something kind of like that will be able have a option for offer button.

That’s even easier if you have your own site to start with. A button like that is easy to create in HTML. So I’d still recommend what I described above.

well i started messing with bigcommerce and creating something in last 30mins…
Startup Store so what i would need to do is add a button to this for offer next to the purchase button…

Yep. You’ll have to find out from BC how much access you have to the HTML to know if you’ll be able to add your own custom buttons or not.

i know shopify gives you full html and css access so i dont mind switching to them if need be

simplest thing is create a single page with paypal buy buttons and thats all

you can also use paypal drop down with price menu option but i dont know if it will support 500 lines.

I don’t think wordpress will be as easier as you are looking for; rather if you talk experienced web designer then it would be fine.

I don’t think there is no shopping cart solution is required for this solution.
create the payment links and embed/sent it to the sellers.

Span6 is great for this. It doesn’t have a CMS at all and uses copy/paste Javascript code to integrate with your content. Cutting edge stuff.

We used to use LimeLightCRM before.