Ecommerce customer email/single opt-in question


I am about to launch an ecommerce site and am going to have an enewsletter
to market to my prospects and customers.

What I am trying decide is if there is a way (namely an email service) where I can take all my customers (who made purchases from my site) and plug them in to a service (without a parser) where I can then email them (offers, follow-up, etc…) and WITHOUT a double opt-in.

The reason I want this is the cost it takes for a programmer to build a parser to capture my customers info and put them into an email service.

It looks like with Prestashop (the cart I am using) I can collect all my buyers via a CSV file so I assume I could import that info into a program whereby I could then email them periodically.

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.



Ethically you’re going to get different answers. Some people think a one off mailshot to existing customers is fine, othersd don’t. Personally I’m for it, as long as you can unsubscribe.

Depending on how many customers you have, you could use Mailchimp. I use it & it’s free upto 500 subscribers & 5000 mailshots/month, and you can import CSV’s.

Of course, if you sell affiliate products, they’ll kick you off, but that’s the beauty of it in my eyes, I use it to sell my products & keep people informed, and it’s done me no harm yet!


I actually looked at Mailchimp, and they informed me that their
system is double opt-in only…BUT I could be mistaken.

So you use them for single opt-in??

Also, I’m selling tangible products (no affiliate marketing).


If you have a clear opt-in you can use most of the major email providers like Vertical Response, Exact Target, etc.

From a permissions perspective, I would suggest being very clear that the emails people are signing up for are promotional, not transactional. You shouldn’t see a significant change to opt-out/in rates with this language.

Hi Ted,

I should be more clear here. I actually don’t mind if my opt-ins for my newsletter are double-opt in. I’m more concerned on how I will mail my customers who have already bought.

I would rather not have my buyers confirm via double opt-in. Once they buy, I want to be able to just mail them in the future on deals, etc…

So I am trying to find a service that will let me do this.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


If you have a list that optted in, export it from your cart and import to a vendor like Vertical Response. They may ask you for proof of optin, but showing the cart page with the checkbox will cover that.