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I’ve been investigating alternative hosting that is more eco-friendly than AWS. Someone on the climate action tech slack recommended Cloudflare. I’m very satisfied with the results. Really easy to setup with a static site. Setting up a secure static site on AWS is much more difficult…

AWS Hosting:


Grade your websites impact on the environment

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When I tested both sites on Ecograder, the results were almost identical.

I’m not sure what’s going on there, but there seems to be more at play here than just a simple “Cloudflare is more eco-friendly” solution.

That is because that site was migrated to cloud flare. The original screenshot was prior to the migration when the site was on aws cloudfront. I also conducted the same experiment with azure static web apps which also provides the same results. Furthermore, I made some other optimizations yesterday based on the feedback received from that tool. The only thing I’m concerned with about Cloudfkare is the pricing model. Cloudflare pricing isn’t enterprise friendly for anything beyond basic features since there are fixed charges per site.

This is some of the selection criteria used to determine whether hosts are eco-friendly.

This is a curated list of eco-friendly host.

Other green checkers that can be used.

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