Echo File in Link

Basically, I have 2 pages:

Image.php has a link that currently looks like this:

<a href="image_temp.php?name=<?php echo htmlspecialchars("Image 1"); ?>">Image 1</a>

It’s sending a page title to ‘image_temp.php’, which looks like this:

    $name = $_GET['name'];
    echo " {$name}";

So, populating the page title works fine.

My question is, how can I also add a file to the link to populate the body of the second page with a file, 01.jpg, for instance.?

You cannot add a file to the link, you can add a filename to the link. Just like you added name.
Or, if the file is related to the name, you can change your code in image_temp.php to get the file based on ‘name’.

That sounds like what I’m trying to do.
I’d want to add something like ‘images/01.jpg’, then have the image open inside the body of the second page.
How would I do that?