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Please don’t flame me, this is my first post! (be kind). I realise this isn’t a helpline for EBay but I’ve been reading the posts and this one seems close to the issues I’ve been experiencing. I’ve also contacted EBay ‘tech’ support but they were no good at all.

I’m been struggling to get some code into an EBay listing which will work, I constantly receive the generic EBay error code: Your listing cannot contain javascript (“.cookie”, “cookie(”, “replace(”, IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href.

I see other sellers entering code which includes /ThinViewJs/ yet as soon as I enter the same I get the error.

I’ve even resorted to clipping another sellers code, code which displays aok and entering that into my description, yet I still get the error, I’m starting to pull my hair out, there’s not much left.

Any help you guys can give would be welcomed.


Please create a new thread instead of hijacking this one with your problem :).

Please and thank you.

I’d just ask the other seller how he got JS into the page. If he won’t answer, just ask ebay about how he does it :).

Do you know what JS he does? Like what it’s for?

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Thanks Paul.

Needless to say, and prior to Ryans very helpful reply, I’d already done some initial contact work with both EBay and the seller who has successfully inserted Java into their auction listing. EBay have escalated this query, I’m still awaiting their response, the seller has yet to reply.

If you look at the code in this listing: 400283954040 URL B[/B]

Open the listing description in a new window (CTRL+Click on the description, This frame, Open frame in new window) and then view the source (obviously you’ll all know how to do this, but for those that don’t)

Under Firefox; Tools, Web Developer, View Source, View Source,

If you look at the fifth line of code clearly stated: /ThinViewJs/

I’m not a Java expect and don’t profess to be, all I want to do is insert code into my listing which will enable a gallery of images ‘similar’ to the above mentioned listing, I can only presume that the Java element of the code is making this happen??

Am I barking up the wrong tree here and missing something (like a brain) :confused:



I don’t know anything about ebay listings I’m afraid but the ebay policies do allow some javacsript to be inserted as long as it adheres to their policy.

The code in the page you linked uses the inline javascript that follows the comments <!-- Begin Description –> and then after embedded stylesheet.

	<script type="text/javascript">

		function activateBanner(e) {


That’s the code that manages the banner rotation I believe.

Hi Paul

What’s really flummoxing me is that when I copy the others sellers code like for like I get the EBay error code, as detailed in my previous post. I’m stumped.


You didn’t copy the top section as well did you?

It’s only the code after the embedded stylesheet that is part of the listing (I think).

Hi Paul

Do you know the phone number for Specsavers? Sorry to take your time up… removing the code above description did the trick, I should have known better.

well done… next pint’s on me.