eBay Auction Fees

Call me stupid but if I list something on eBay when do I pay the auction fee? Do I pay this before I list the item on only when the item is sold?

According to this:

Insertion Fee
When you list an item on eBay, you may be charged a listing (or insertion) fee. If applicable, you’re charged one insertion fee per listing, per category, regardless of the quantity of items.

Final value fee
If the item sells, you’re charged a final value fee. Final value fees are calculated based on the total amount of the sale and are charged per item.

Why did you not first look on eBay’s site for this information?? Just curious.


I tried to auction an item with a reserve if$150 and a listing fee of $7. It does not stipulate if I pay this in advance.

Seeing as im selling it for $150.00 $7 is alot if it doesnt sell.

You really should be directing these questions to eBay customer support.

See this section in ebay’s FAQs:


In short, you pay upon listing.

Just for a comparison, at physical auction houses, the consignment fee can range anywhere between 10%-25%. And the winning bidder usually has to pay a buyer’s premium of 1%-10%.

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