EasyPHP Apache Error

Hello there,
i have this problem : http://prnt.sc/cruvpp
I want update my php on my easyphp but get this error . :banghead:
Error Line : LoadModule php5_module "${path}/binaries/php/php_runningversion/php5apache2_4.dll"
Have a nice day.

Ps. What is the problem for slow Apache loading on my localhost? :slight_smile:

Error message seems to be complaining about the wrong architecture usage. You should always make sure you are running the correct ones for your architecture. You can’t run PHP x64 bit on a x32 bit Windows. And there’s a much easier way of installing PHP on Windows without using any 3rd party software like easyPHP or XAMPP since the Official PHP Team have a direct download from the actual official PHP website. So there’s no point of installing it via 3rd parties as you will have to rely only on how the 3rd party runs. If they don’t update their packages, you can be pron to security vulnerabilities. I strongly suggest using the one that the ACTUAL devs hand out since every release that the official PHP will most likely have security patches. And they also have a wiki on when all the releases are intended to roll out. So you actually can anticipate on using the latest version that most 3rd parties don’t have. Such as 7.1RC3.

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