EasyMock - How did I live w/o this?

I was dumbfounded what this beautiful framework does for testing. Anyways, what testing framework do you guys use other than JUnit?

I think Easymock and the class extensions for Easymock are some of the best products to help with unit testing.

Not only does Easymock help with creating mock classes, but any difficulties in setting up your mocks or testing your classes very quickly shows weakness’ in your design (either poor use of Dependency Injection or possible abuse of the Law of Demeter).

I coworker of mine just told me about a derivative work of Easymock called mockito. Looks fairly promising:

We have also been using the Hamcrest classes for helping with different asserts statements. I don’t know if it is super great, but it might be worth the look:

Usually most of our testing is all done with Junit, but for actually testing deployed web code we use both JMeter and The Grinder.

I checked out mockito, looks very similar to EasyMock. I guess they made the syntax a bit more human readable.