Easy way to promote your site

hello all.
so i being using a site called <snip> to promote my site. its easy to use and free. i got around 200 refs so far and being a member 2 month.
and since im new to all this seo stuff this site has helped get my site noticed. check it out chaps.

what do you mean 200 refs? Like leads on your website, or it’s an affiliate link kinda of thing you’re promoting?

Just avoid such link network which offer bulk links from their link farm, it will not only hurt your website but also result in various penalties in Google search. Make sure that the link you are generating for your website should be relevant and has some value to your visitors (their visitors).

The website promotion is not an easy work.
Depend from the competition and you need to follow Google Webmaster tools.

U r kidding me…
U r using a site for promotion of your site?
Dude wakeup! Otherwise Google will shake you hard.

Of course I am talking serious!
All methods with no natural backlinks will penalized by Google.

No way to easily promote your website these day. if you are choosing shortcut method then you may be penalized by Google.Only Quality content, PR, Social-media are the top source for traffic & ranking these days.

ok im a member of a site where i do surveys and offers and play games etc. but u can reffer people too. thats what my sites for.
and using <snip> has helped me a lot to get my site noticed and get me my refs.

There is no short cut for SEO if you are looking for long term benefits.

I would be extremely cautious of these link-building organizations. SEO is moving more natural, attempts like these to go in the face of that are going to be hit by an algo update eventually - just a matter of time if they havent already.