Easy PHP installer for mac os x?


I have decided to start to study PHP and SQL to expand my skills in website development.

I run a Mac OS X laptop and i was wondering if anybody knows of a way to install PHP and SQL fast…

Like when i had windows there was these programs you wud run and it wud install and set up apache, PHP and SQL all ready for you to use. Few clicks…

I am aware Mac OS X comes with apache installed, but does anyone know of a installer like the one described above for Mac OS X.

Also do you experienced programmers think i would be best learning PHP? Or maybe going for a language like Ruby or ASP.net?

Thanks for the help

Try using this all in one installer http://www.mamp.info/ for Macs. An equivalent of XAMPP on windows platform

Thank you dele

I will bookmark it and check it out the first thing in the morning

Cool enjoy