Easy money re-writing PLR products

Many newer marketers don’t know this, but there is a huge amount of money to make with PLR products, and actually it is quite simple. I want to share a few ways to make money with PLR ebooks/videos.

If any of the more experienced PLR marketers want to add to this it would be great.

  1. (good) Sell the PLR products as it is. Look for ones with ready made sales pages.

  2. (better) Change the name of the product, ebook covers and sales page and sell it as your own product.

  3. (Best) Use many different PLR products about the same subject and find the best parts of each. Rewrite these into a new ebook, with new name, graphics and sales copy. Sell this for a much higher price.

  4. If you have rights to resell the PLR rights, give some ebooks away, but create an upsell for the resell rights.

  5. Break an ebook up into articles that you can drip feed to your blog or post on article directories for traffic generation.

  6. Use PLR products for a one time offer for your other products.

  7. Use a valuable PLR product as a freebie for your squeeze page to get people to opt in.

  8. Create a membership site with all your ebooks.

  9. Create an autority site, using the information from the products.

These are just some ways you can make money with PLR. Who can add some?

UPDATE: You can also create new graphics for it, upload a new website for it and flip it for big bucks.