Easy IP Address Country Match for Spam

I was wondering if there was an app or any service that would allow me to paste a list of IP addresses that register each day so we could identify those coming from certain countries. As much as I hate to say it, India, Philippines, Nigeria and Indonesia contribute so much spam that I’m close to shutting down those countries entirely due to the work being harder to shut down spam than their utility. With IP address monitoring it would make it easier to identify spammers and keep the sites open a little longer.

Go here and download a database: IP to Country.

It is not so big file, but somewhat accurate.

You can build your own database, and program on finding a list of IPs and Countries.
In your own server, host this database, and find the user’s country immediately.

Hope, this helps you.

Just remember to go back and grab the file again every so often so as to pick up any changes for IPs transferred between countries.