Easy HTML5 Video not showing in Chrome

I am having a lot of problems with Chrome lately. I have added a video for a current client and can see it locally through Chrome but it does not show up when uploaded. It works in IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Could someone please tell me that they can see it through Chrome on their end? I have uninstalled and re-installed Chrome and still am having problems. Thanks.


I had a similar issue lately.
What OS are you running?
Is it 32 or 64 bit?

FWIW I can see your video, but if you are affected by the same issue I was, this information is irrelevant.

I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

OK, then this is worth a shot.
In your address bar enter: [FONT=Arial]chrome://flags/
and press return.

On the page which opens search for “[/FONT][FONT=Arial]disable hardware accelerated video” (Ctrl + F)

Set this to enabled.

Restart Chrome.

Any joy?[/FONT]

I finally got it working in Chrome…then did a little test. My business site is hosted by godaddy.com using IIS7. I uploaded the page and the folder for the video to my jewelry site, also at godaddy.com but running on Linux and it works in ALL browsers just fine. I am not sure how to get godaddy to add MIME types. I think it is time to move my site to a Linux server.