Easiest way to add navbar to all pages

Hi all,

I am going to put up a mirror for some old websites that have since vanished, but I still have some of the old files. There are quite a few html pages. I’d like to have a navigation bar across the top, nothing fancy. But i’d like it for all pages i’m mirroring. Is there an easy way to include this navigation bar?

The easiest way I can think of is to add it into a CSS file, and include the CSS file in every page. But that involves editing maybe 100+ html files. Is there a way I can do it without having to edit every page in the mirror? Maybe using iframes for example.


Really? Nothing? Now I see why I dont post on this forum anymore.

Normally I would suggest a PHP include, but that would also involve editing every page. How do you propose to make each page findable? With a long menu? Perhaps you could create one page with a long sidebar menu linking to all pages, and pull in each one with Ajax?

Well, the only thing I wanted for the top nav is a logo and maybe a few important links. But the rest would be the normal site, the way it was. Kind of like “Attention: this is a mirror” at the top, something like this.

It there already a file that’s linked to each page—such as a CSS file or preferably a JS file? Or are there any includes already in the site, like one for the header or footer?

You’re best solution not involving server-side programming is to use server side include on every page. Though a small edit it that does require editing every page.

Maybe auto_prepend_file ?