E-commerce store front linked to supplier's stock level?

I am no techie and I am not sure what kind of technical professional i need??

I was wondering whether you could build such a system:
An E-commerce store front which is linked to suppliers; therefore products displayed on the website are displayed according to stock levels of suppliers.

Thus an online store directly connected to suppliers in such a way that if the supplier offline is out of stock then online store front would be out of stock??

Are there already ready-made template platforms???

Or any alternatives???

Or does the system have to be built from scratch??

Ah, then yes, as you mentioned to the OP – you’d need to customize. Most e-commerce platforms / shopping carts don’t have a ready-made solution for this since it involves using an API and the appropriate calls for each distributor’s API setup.

These DB changes should be in real-time, not daily.

What e-commerce platform are you running?

This is a pretty common feature that’s possible in most e-commerce software. What you need is to receive a datafeed each day (or at whatever interval you need) and have your software update the database with the values in the feed.

We do this in Magento all the time…

there is no ready made solution…

It really depends on your provider / distributor

I work bunch of eCommerce websites some distributors know how to code it and some are still in the stone age…

the Distributors are supposed to export an XML feed hourly, daily and Dealers are supposed to have their eCommerce website coded to access that XML document Hourly or Daily. its not really hard…

Note: doesn’t have to be XML could CSV, Tab Delimited TXT file or other means. but XML is the best option.

This behavior could be customized. Not sure if you will find any ready-made solution.