E Commerce Site Layout, Selling the Products the right way?


I would like a little feedback on a website I manage. We sell fitness products and ballet stuff. I have been working on the best way to market the products on our website.

If there is anything I am doing that stands out as wrong, feel free to comment why. I am always trying to improve the structure of the website so as to help conversions.


One area I have a question on is the category page.


I have a comparison chart at the top. The goal is to let the potential buyers know the difference between the 4 lines of products. It is pretty detailed but also requires the user to scroll quite a bit before they see the actual product. I have been debating about adding a hide/show thing to the chart so they do not have to scroll as far to see the products.


Would that be better than what I have now? Or do I need to add it to the bottom? We have had it at the bottom before but then the customers never scroll down that far and call and ask lots of questions that the chart answers.

Now as for the products themselves, we have them broken up a bit more than I personally like. Some of my teammates think they are fine as they are. For instance, we offer a carry bag on 4 and 5ft long items only. We have broken listings of the same product up, just to include the bag.

These products are exactly the same, one just offers a bag. We get calls asking what the difference between the 2 products are and we simple tell them one has a bag and one does not.

I think we should kill all products that offer a bag as it clutters up the category page and then just offer a bag as an option of “do you want a bag click yes or no” on the product page itself. I have the ability to hide the bag option if say a 6ft barre is chosen.

My teammates think that then nobody will see that we offer a bag and we will lose sales. I say they are not coming to our website looking to buy a bag in the first place and we should stop treating the barres with a bag as a separate product. The bag is an add on and should be on the product page as such.

By joining the bag as an add on to the product itself, I can get rid of 6 listings that I think confuse customers.

Anyone willing to weigh in?


Well, this is a marketing question, not a technical one. I’m with getting rid of the barre’s that show the bag, this is a sloppy technique. Add, “Carrying bag available” on the product page.

Put it as an option at the time of adding the product to the cart, perhaps showing the product IN THE BAG. It’s simple.

It eliminates confusion.

That will change the current confusion from what’s the difference between x and y to one that says… how big is the bag, or, can I get the bag in red?
These are real buying questions.
So, yes… I agree with you.
No need to add jqueryslide. The scrolling is fine. Anyone coming to look at stuff like this is gonna be quite a dedicated fan. If they’re that damned picky about scrolling, you don’t want them as a customer. (Been there done that).


Sounds like a plan to me. We will remove the bag listings soon I hope if I can convince all parties it is a good idea :slight_smile: