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How much do I need to spend on Facebook Advertisement for my newly created Facebook page of my E-Commerce brand. I am asking for an estimated budget. And should I promote all products in separate ads or somehow group them and advertise one post with all that accumulated budget?

Hello @Haider_Amin;

Firstly and personally, I’ll never tell you or anyone how much to spend no matter how generic a figure they are looking for. This figure is derived from your operating capital that has been allocated for use on the different avenues that are available for advertising.

For the second part of your question, I would promote all products together only if they are related. If they are not related separate ads for separate products. this will ensure the ads are place in front of the proper viewers.

No, though it depends on what your e-commerce website is selling.

Banking on a single post containing all of your products won’t catch the eyes of your prospective customers. For example, let’s say you’re selling clothes.

Would you advertise everything, from shirts to sweaters to swimsuits in a single post? I wouldn’t: I’d go for products which are timely and have a high chance of converting ads to cash, like swimsuits and other forms of summer wear.

As for the budget, no idea. It depends on your niche, location, and how many people you want to reach.


I will be selling clothes on Facebook page. I will start with T-Shirts and then add Hoodies, some accessories and maybe something else later on. So, it would be a good idea to promote T-Shirts in one post and other categories in other ads.

Like I said, it depends on what’s trending right now. If the t-shirt market is hot right now, then you should definitely start putting up exclusive adverts for your t-shirt inventory.

For example, it’s summer in most countries right now, so I wouldn’t bet on promoting hoodies and jackets - reserve the money for ads during colder seasons :smile:

Hope I helped!

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Yes Hoodies are reserved for Winters lol. BTW what is the best method of advertising T-Shirts? Someone attractive wearing it, or a shirt hung somewhere or a photoshopped picture?

Have you tried A/B testing?

That is, try the different ways and see for yourself what works best for you

Facebook is a good place to promote your business. For increase your sells on facebook you can upload nice image, Offer Gift Cards, Offer Time Sensitive Discounts.

Besides your opinion, can you post any hard data backing your opinion?

Here you can’t get the estimated budget for your Facebook Advertisement because prices is depend that on your requirement that what area, audience & products you are targeting. Also you can promote products there are more popular among audience.

You can spend as much as $100K or as little as $5, it depends on your budget. But what’s important here is that it will need a lot of money. You need to test several ad copies before you will choose a winning ad copy. This needs time as well as a lot of money.

Can start from $5 a day and move from there. You should use a separate ad for every product. Posting ads in groups will not let you know as to which product is driving the traffic. After all, you need to track everything so it’s critical to know which products and ad copies visitors click the most.