E-commerce host recomendations

Hello everyone,

I’m in the process of helping my father set up a small retail site with magento for his company. I would like some recommendations on a good quality host with a reasonable server speed. I have been playing with magento on a justhost.com hosted site and it is very sluggish. I realize that it’s all shared hosting so it’s not going to be lightning fast but I would still like it to be reasonable.

I have been considering myhosting.com but I’m still up in the air.

What other features are important to you from a web hosting provider? Also, do you have expectations of this store growing rapidly or do you foresee it remaining a small retail site.

Details to these questions will certainly help narrow down your search.

As for hosting providers that you are considering, ask specific questions that are importance to you. Ensure that they have the capacity and expertise to be able to work with you with your father’s website.

At the moment, it’s just going to be a small retail site with maybe 25 products. But there is a lot of potential to expand in the near future. My only real concern is the store atm, but I don’t know enough about this to really know what else I will need.

I would certainly go with a provider that will back their service with guarantees, such as money-back and uptime.

Not every service will suit you, so having the option to leave risk free is a good value. Also, uptime guarantees should be considered to ensure your websites are online. The last thing you want to do is to pay a bill for website hosting that isn’t working consistently.

Other things to consider are the availability and responses from their technical support, the ability to provide SSL certificates for your store, and any additional tools that can help make your hosting experience an easier one.

Lastly, and this is personal preference, look for a host that has Magento on one click install. This will make setting up and upgrading your software a breeze, especially when applying critical updates.

Hopefully this was of some help and good luck! :slight_smile:

Also, uptime guarantees should be considered to ensure your websites are online.

Uptime guarantees can’t hurt, but 2 days of downtime won’t be worth the fully monthly refund you’re going to get with most hosts. They’re just monetary guarantees. If quality and actual uptime is what you’re after, it’s not the uptime guarantee that’s going to give those to you. Just how life works I guess.

I have been playing with magento on a justhost.com hosted site and it is very sluggish.

Magento isn’t an easy application for servers. You’re better off finding and paying top dollar for service that is specifically designed to work with Magento. One host that comes to mind would be Crucialwebhost, but I’ve never used them myself.

It’s very heavy, I’ll give you that - but I don’t know if I’d pay top dollar for a specialized host. Ultimately what it comes down to is that you’re generally not going to be able to run it efficiently on a budget provider - where the servers will be packed with as many customers as possible.

Once you get out of the budget realm (I’d say $10+/month) you’re much more likely to find a provider that can actually handle Magento decently. Even then, it’s likely to be slower than your average site just due to the amount of processing it requires to generate each page.

I believe you will be able to find web hosting recomendations for that aplication on their support forum. (I mean magento)

Any shared hosting plan from any host should be good for E-Commerce purposes. You don’t necessarily need a E-Commerce based host. You just need a good strong secure script for this purpose.