E Commerce And SEO Concern

I am wondering if i can start as an affiliate store and seo , but once i see potential can i go straight to the source to increase my profits. Will the descriptions on the products affect my seo if i find similar products to the ones i was selling.

Or its okay as long as i have links to my domain name there is no problem when it comes to seo if i change product discription to similar product. etc.



Eddie, your site should be about the total visitor experience, not SEO. SEO is a compontent of business but just like you don’t make the entire front of a store doors to get people in, you need something people can get to, and trust and the domain plays a big role in both of those.

The first thing you should to is look at the content on your site.Is the content static or boring? Does it have the right keywords and keyword phrases? Search engines use those phrases to find your site.Of course, you must make sure that you do not go overboard with the SEO phrases.

So i understand, you want to be an affiliate for another ecommerce operation but once you see success, bypass that store and become one yourself? I wouldn’t think that would effect your seo but the vendor(s) may or may not be willing to take you on…

Plan ahead for that issue…