E-Commerce alternative at Prestashop?

A friend want to open a small online store, allowing one card payments.
I once worked with Prestashop and when, there was no free way for it, it was complicated problem.
I need some suggestions for scripts online shop, where you can easily integrate payment card for Romania, from one to watch through them to see what else I know does.


“scripts online shop” looking to create an online shop that sells scripts, plugins? Why dont you use Magento, there is a free plugin that supports 1 Card payments,

Magento has way more benefits and featurs than PrestaShop, You can use any free template for your online store.
If you do not want to use magento, there are some free Presta templates that you can use to build your website with free plugins.


I read somewhere that Magento is a software that spend more resources, especially in terms of hosting services…

You can try other alternatives of PrestaShop such as ZenCart or OpenCart. These are fast growing ecommerce platforms that are generally used in creating small to medium sized online stores. If you have around 100-200 products or less, then just go for zencart or opencart. This will solve your purpose. As Magento is best for ecommerce websites having large number of products.

I would tell magento to make your store look professional.

Magento is the best alternative. Features Of Magento

  1. You can extend your customer base across continents
  2. Payments in multiple currencies
  3. Highly customizableopen source web content management system

Yes that is a negative aspect of Magento, it is resource intensive, but thing about long term strategy. In future, the release of Magento 2 will eliminate its resource intensive DB and coding structure. Its better to stay on right path for long term.

Other alternatives do not offer much customization and features.

first time i used e-commerce in this moment i made my bussinet with prestashop and i like it. Is most easier.

I would also recommend ZenCart and Opencart. They have credit cards options for sure. As for Mgento, it is a leader, right, but it has a great learning curve and it is not cheap. There is point to use Magento, if you are going to add thousands of products at once.

Magento will be a good alternative for your requirement.

can someone tell the sistem requirements and hardware, CPU load of the lastest version of Magento (installed on major hosting services)?

Woocommerce is definitely a good robust, and secure ecommerce system

As mentioned by some users above, I would def. recommend OpenCart as a very good PrestaShop alternative. I’ve used OpenCart a few times on some of the stores I have built, and I must say that its a pretty decent software to use. Give it a shot, its free and easy to install so you have nothing to lose.

Prestashop actually has a lot of free payment gateways. There is Authorize.net, Paypal, Stripe, Bluepay, NMI, Firstdata, Merchant Warehouse, Moneybooks, ect… What gateway are you looking for?

We have built 20+ online stores / ecommerce sites on platforms like Magento, Prestashop, OpneCart. I can suggest you with authority that Prestashop is the best option. OpenCart is becoming outdated. Magento is BEST cart software but the cost of hosting Magento site is very high. It is because Magento requires VPS hosting for good performance. Also the cost of development and maintenance in case of Magento is very high. In case of Prestashop, it runs well even on shared Linux hosting and it has almost all the features that Magento has.