E cards, invitations

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know, if anyone could help, is where to look to have invitations and/ or e-cards sent to people from my site? I want customers from my site to be able to fill out the required info, recipients’ names, e-mail addresses, party person’s name, party location, date and time of party, etc. I own a party rental company and after our customers’ orders, I want them to be able to fill out the info and send invitations, like e-cards.

Can anyone tell me where to look to find such a thing or do I need someone to specially make such an animal?

You’re probably not going to find a script pre-made to do specifically what you’re asking and might have to contract someone to make it for you.

That’s not necessarily so. I’ve seen stacks of e-card scripts around the place.

The tricky part may be to integrate the e-cards with your booking process. Do you want people to book a party and then have that stuff automatically filled in when they send the e-card? If so you’d need to figure out a way to send the info from the booking into the ecard system.

Perhaps either way. If it could pre-fill out the info, that is a plus, definitely. I use X-cart as a shopping cart. I have been scouring the internet and haven’t found anything. I would like to custom make the e-cards (invitations) so that my logo goes on it as well. It is obviously an advertising gimmick as well.

Here’s my site and layout… www thefunpeople dot com

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry. I haven’t answered your one specific question. When the customer is done ordering and on the final screen, I am thinking to have a link to a page on my site that has a free e-card (invitations) that they can simply fill out with their guests e-mail and it will send to all recipients through my server. I believe when I was searching around for something else sometime ago, I saw something where it places the name on the e- card itself. IE 'Your invited to (person’s name filled in)‘s Birthday Party’. If the information could be filled out automatically, that would be even better, but not necessary.

This is something that I am interested in having on my site that is offered as a free service to customers and also sends out my logo on the e-cards for exposure.