E-books about starting web portal?

Hi, I am starting small web portal, so can someone recommend me ebook or some tutorials where I can find basic things about organising my web, choosing right content and so on.

design and programming I will give over to professionals, so I need something that will introduce me with web & marketing, how all that functions and at the end how to earn some money :slight_smile: after all hard work …for now I have book Inbound marketing (B. Halligen & D. Shah) and i think it’s very good for lead-in

thanks for any help or suggestion

If you want some book titles on content writing and getting your site out there, I recommend:

Hot Text - Web Writing that Works.
Get to the Top on Google (David Viney)
Search Engine Visibility (Shari Thurow)

thank you, that’s what I am looking for

further suggestions are welcome too