D'you ever stare at a bunch of numbers and forget what they're called?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Like everytime I have to read a phone number out loud to someone, I swear I look at the numbers, see what they are, and say the wrong ones out my mouth.

It’s really weird.

And I do know what the numbers are too; Because I know a 6 means ||| ||| for example, but I might say “three” instead.

I think I need a vacation.


I do have problems telling someone a phone number in dutch when I “know” it in italian, and viceversa.

And a vacation is always a good idea :wink:

No, but I do have a problem that when I’m typing I sometimes skip or forget one or more.
It’s weird…

You are all getting senile. :wink: Actually, I have similar problems but on a larger scale but that’s due to my short-term memory faults. So don’t worry guys you are just malfunctioning at sequencing.

There is a term for something similiar it is called Dyscalculia, I think it is basically the numbers version of Dyslexia, maybe you have a very mild version

I am actually dyslexic. I have met people who are have dyscalculia but usually they have issues with simple arithmetic and even sometimes plus and minus signs.

Ever walk into a room and forget why you’re there? :smiley:

Ever open the fridge to get coffee? :smiley:

(warm coffee from the coffee machine I mean, not that cold coffee crap)

Ever put dirty dishes in the fridge?

I sometimes skip numbers specially when paying bills. No wonder I took so long finishing my transactions on the atm machine lol :smiley:

[FONT=“Georgia”]No, but I have lost my house keys for a whole morning once before finding them sitting in the fridge.


Lol! I think that’s funny and indeed, I think you really need a vacation!